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If prejudice is bred by ignorance, then our primary responsibility is to educate.

When we begin to shift our focus from looking for differences to looking for similarities, our sense of belonging begins to stir, awakening acceptance, tolerance and understanding.



Sovereign Arts Society

The mission of the Sovereign Arts Society is to encourage the survival, growth and cross-pollination of cultural traditions by facilitating artistic exchange and collaboration locally, nationally and internationally.

Our intent is to provide opportunities for experiences in acceptance. Our overarching goal is to create hope for a peaceful future.

The Sovereign Arts Society SAS) was created as a labor of love by two Hispanic/Middle-Eastern women in order to share their love, reverence and respect for the living force of cultural traditions.

Utilizing the universal language of artistic self-expression, our aim is to remove prejudicial barriers through the preservation and promotion of multiculturalism. Through performances, outreach programs, educational workshops and other interactive explorations, we strive to nurture the creative spirit and promote awareness of world cultures. SAS works primarily with Afro-Caribbean artists, dancers and musicians of the highest caliber, in order to convey authenticity of cultural traditions in our programming.

Over the past seven years, SAS presentations have included such critically acclaimed artists as Los Van Van, Grupo Ban Rra Rra, Bamboleo, Afro-Cuba, Raices Profundas, Raices Cubanas and Conjunto Folklorico Nacional in a variety of schools and venues throughout southern Arizona. Link to history.

To inspire, enlighten and empower young people, often our most dynamic, accepting and underserved citizens, the educational work of SAS focuses on interactive presentations in elementary, middle and high schools in southern Arizona. We have established on-going relationships with over 30 schools and seek to engage additional schools throughout the state.

Our presentations incorporate the positive impact of tribal and communal life, thereby inspiring audiences to explore the essential importance of societal creativity. By incorporating these traditions into their own continually evolving creative process, our participants enhance the quality of their own lives while creating united, vibrant and culturally aware communities.

In order to provide these valuable programs we rely on membership, sponsorship and the generosity of the people in our community.

If you are interested in furthering our important mission through the contribution of funds, products, services, expertise and/or time, please visit our contributions page.

We look forward to hearing from you!