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Yes! I want to be a part of the Sovereign Arts Society! Please keep me informed of upcoming events and issues. I'm sending my mailing address and email to list@sovereignarts.org



Sovereign Arts Society

Margo Itule: Executive Director
Margo Itule is
founder and Executive Director of the Sovereign Arts Society., Inc. (SAS), a non-profit cultural arts organization established in 1996. An active member of the arts and business community, she has acted as dancer, singer, graphic artist, goldsmith, bankruptcy trustee, bodybuilder and business-woman. Her studies have led her to La Escuela Nacional De Artes and La Universidad de Matanzas, Cuba. She has worked with the University of Arizona, Arizona Ballet Company, Ache Pa Ti, The Afro-Cuban All Stars, Los Van Van, Cubanismo, Grupo Ban Rra Rra, Bamboleo, Conjunto Folklorico Nacional De Cuba, Grupo Klimax and the Havana International Jazz Festival.

As Director of the SAS, Margo has performed all aspects of running the organization from grant writing, program design/development, promotion, graphic design, financial management, artistic direction, contract negotiation, educational programming, fund-raising, to staff supervision, interpreting, fundraising, etc.

In a business partnership with Ted De Grazia from 1970 to 1979, Margo acted as gold and silversmith in design and fabrication of jewelry, objects of art and theater props. In addition, she appeared as a cast member and executive assistant in two De Grazia filmmaking projects.

The union of her artistic experience, legal and business knowledge gives the organization its unique balance and ability to elevate cultural art forms toward vibrancy and survival in a business oriented world.

Norma Itule: Managing Director
Norman Itule is co-founder of the Sovereign Arts Society Inc. (SAS), a non-profit cultural arts organization established in 1996. She serves as Managing Director of the SAS, bringing with her over thirty years experience as dancer, actress, singer, educator and movement/fitness specialist. For the last fourteen years she has inspired and motivated the community as liaison and spokesperson for the Spiritual (Meditation/Yoga) department at the world renowned, Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona.

Her background in the performing arts and education give her the necessary insight to manage and successfully direct cultural outreach programming of the SAS. She is certified by the American Council of Exercise (ACE), Yoga Foundation and Biosomatic Sciences. She has coordinated numerous programs in cultural exchange, movement therapy and Yoga in the community. Her studies abroad include Mexico, Canada and Cuba.

Her dedication, vitality and enthusiasm are a great source of inspiration to community members and the power of her work in movement therapy and spirituality has dramatically transformed concepts of health and empowered people to better living through self awareness.