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$250 for a 60 minute presentation

For underfunded schools, SAS offers assistance in grant writing or helping locate resources to allow every child the opportunity for rich and enlightening experiences.


Sovereign Arts Society

We believe that prejudice is bred by ignorance. By offering students knowledge of other cultures through their art forms, we establish possibilities for greater acceptance, thus furthering our mission of creating positive, unified communities of self-expressed beings for future generations. Our interest is not to accomplish goals of art for arts sake but to address negative social issues like fear, violence, greed, etc., plaguing our society.

Inherent in the traditions of many cultures are potent tribal and communal elements, which strongly influence and inspire audiences to explore the essential importance of societal creativity. Utilizing these elements in outreach programming, we provide opportunities for participants to incorporate these traditions into their own continually evolving creative process, enhancing the quality of life and creating united, vibrant and culturally aware communities.

We present significant, interactive cultural exchange opportunities in flexible formats to meet the specific needs of each schools curriculum, offering several options, designed to provide informative and inspirational tools for learning.

To ensure that our rich and broad educational experiences reach all sectors of the community regardless of budgetary restrictions, SAS offers help in locating resources, grant writing and organizing creative collaborations. One of the most critical and effective means of assisting underserved school is through public sponsorship. Because of our 501(c)(3), non-profit status, all contributions are 100% tax deductible. If you would like to become part of this important work, through contributions or sponsorship of individual schools, artists or performances, please visit "contributions" section of our website.

Each presentation reflects the specialization of the artists or scholars and accommodate pre-school to college ages. Availability of options 1 through 3 are dependent on visiting artist projects. Options 4 and 5 are ongoing presentations. Examples of the types of options are:

1) Instruction in Music/Dance/Singing/Poetry/Movement (of focus culture): A cultural learning experience in self-expression, through various offered specialized art forms. The class incorporates instruction in any one or combination of art disciplines with history of the focus culture.


2) Lecture Demonstration: This informative presentation is a lesson in the evolution of art forms of the focus culture with demonstrations by the artists. Students are invited to participate and are encouraged to find similarities between themselves and the focus culture.

3) Performance (for groups of any size) Dynamic and colorful presentations by the visiting performing artists incorporate explanations of the featured cultural traditions and explore the influences of their root cultures. These informative and entertaining presentations are guaranteed to delight, educate and inspire all ages.

4) Story Telling: Legends speak the histories of our ancestors. This presentation combines the richness of cultural traditions with imaginative delivery. Some presentations may combine music, crafts or dances of the focus culture.

5) Somatic Education for students and educators - Through the powerful work of SAS movement educator, Norma Itule, we offer this unique presentation of exploring the power of the body through breath, balance, alignment, relaxation techniques and imagery. This powerful work, which incorporates yoga, dance, meditation, biosomatics and voice, teaches students to release and manage stress, sense, rather than intellectualize and restore balance to over-stimulated systems. Research in the field of movement education has shown marked improvement in concentration, stress relief and well being. For more information on Norma and somatic education go to "founders."