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BioSomatic Sciences
BioSomatics Education is an empowering method that supports the body's capacity to be posturally functional by overcoming neuromuscular conditions. It is a somatic, rehabilitative approach that restores voluntary control of the muscular system by stimulating the brains release of chronic contractions. It is a learning experience in releasing restriction of motion.

BioSomatics Education is an antidote to a condition called sensory motor amnesia, a memory loss of how muscle groups feel and our ability to control them. With somatic integration, muscle pain is quickly relieved as natural sensory motor control is revived. This effects an immediate release of involuntary muscle contractions. Free of pain and postural habits, one feels the ease and lightness of movement remembered from childhood.

BioSomatics Education enhances coordination and control in daily movement, athletics and performing arts. Somatic movements make the brain more intelligent in sensing and controlling the muscles. It is the inner change in muscle function that makes this possible.

BioSomatics is a step towards taking our healing back into our hands. It is an empowering approach to prevention and improvement that utilizes a composite of non-strenuous movement. Results come quickly through refining how we move, discerning what will work best, and reacquainting us with our inherent capacity to remain agile.

For more information on BioSomatics, visit Carol Welch's Website.