ARTIST BIOS                                                                                               


Reynaldo was born in Matanzas Cuba and has been dancing, singing and playing percussion since early childhood. After graduating from the Escuela Para Instructores de Arte in 1984, he became one of the principal dancers and choreographers for the prominent group, Afro-Cuba de Matanzas and toured with the group to the U.S. in 1996.  He has taught Afro-Cuban dance, percussion and song ever since his arrival to the U.S.  He has a VAST knowledge of rital dances, chants and rhythms of Yoruba, Bantu, Abakua, Palo and Iyesa.  Rey embodies a profound wealth of knowledge in the legacy of Afro-Cuban folklore from the cradle of African culture in Cuba.

He has worked on numerous projects in the United States and abroad including, Humbolt University, George Mason University, Indiana University, University of Colorado, Tufts University, Harvard University, Tanglewood Festival, Symphony Hall Maine, Ravinia Festival Illinois, Sidney Opera House, Australia.

Reynaldo was a principal singer, perscussionist and dancer in the travelling production, La Passion Seguen San Marcos (St. Mark's Passion) a sprawling work that is part music, part theater and part dance.  The production interprets a new vision of Christ's death that embraces Bahaina Brazilian drums, the Afro-Brazilian stringed instrument, berinbau, West African call-and-response singing, Argentine tango, Spanish flamenc and Jewish cantillation. 

Reynaldo currently resides in the Boston area where he continues to move audiences, inspire students with his unrelenting energy, extraordinary talents and vast knowledge.